Finding an underground rave can be difficult, our social feeds are full of event promoters pushing sub-par Spotify DJ nights all the time. It can be hard to distinguish the bull from the real underground events.

Here is our city by city lowdown,




Our birthplace and there is a lot going on at the moment, we will give a full break down of the entire Notts scene at a later date. So for now all you need to know is the underground freeparty scene is alive and kicking and if you hear the words Tekonta freeparty drop everything and go, but remember the 3 rules of a Tekonta freeparty.

  1. Strictly NO Dickheads – safe party people only
  2. Keep all details completely off all social media
  3. Clean up after – Leave no trace

Due to rule 2 we cannot say any more about this one, its peak but it’s how we keep the scene alive…stay tuned in.

Tek or Tekno comes from freeparty culture its a bit like bit like techno but flipped with more soul shaking heavy bass. Its best played on a large rig running on a generator in the middle of nowhere so there’s no neighbours to complain.




Leamington Spa known as Leam locally has been in the shadows of its bigger neighbouring cities but there’s a couple people doing bits there.

This hasn’t been going long but the guys running it know a thing or two about underground bass music, we can see big things for these in the future. We have been checking out their soundcloud DJ mixes for a while it’s great to see the progress, keep up the good work and if your local go check them out for a skank.





When you’re talking about Portsmouth underground DnB scene the ones to look out for are Murky Digital, clues in the name, these specialise in rolling dark and dirty sonics, first discovered these from a funny placed random sticker in Amsterdam and I looked them up and went to a night. The random surprise nights are the best especially when filthy DnB is involved.





WOW, by far the best underground night in Leeds is SUBDUB.

Where do I start?

The sound system is always amazing the vibes are always good and the mix of Jungle, Dub, Reggae and DnB is perfect. Their stage at outlook was incredible as well. I’m not going to say anymore on the matter if you’re in Leeds and SUBDUB is on. GO!

A final note about Leeds, I’ve been to SPACE in Leeds and SPACE in Ibiza and the Leeds version was nothing in comparison.





Finding a decent underground rave in Amsterdam is very very difficult. It is full of tourist trap conveyor belt nightclubs that only want your money and play what is basically Capital FM all night. All the decent places are hidden away to stop unknowing tourists stumbling across them. When we went for the first time over a year ago and we went on the hunt for where the locals go for an underground rave, the best we could find was Club-Up and we had a decent dutty techno night. However places in Dam change fast so we don’t know if it will be the same now, check it out on insta before you go. The place does have a green smoking room on the top floor which is a new concept. But if you’re in Amsterdam and serious about finding the best underground DnB night then you will have to take the 40min train to Rotterdam (below).





This was a crazy discovery. It was a 9pm – 9am 4 room indoor festival absolutely incredible. The Dutch know how to party! The vibe was unmatched with anything we have ever experienced, definitely worth checking out. These events don’t happen often but when they do it’s the biggest indoor festival in Europe.





We saw out the end of 2018 with an absolutely filthy DnB rave in Birmingham at the Tunnel Club presented by Raveology. There was a lot of DnB raves happening in the country this NYE but we passed as their line ups weren’t all that, their finish time was before 4am or the possibility of there being bare jump-up or bassline was too high. I appreciate the entire bass spectrum but this was NYE so bun the bassline, the only way 2019 is starting is a straight filthy DnB rave to the early hours. We scouted the country and located this gem called Raveology. This was the first time I had partied in the city and they do love a DnB MC in Brum and every DJ was beautifully matched up. The raveology dons certainly know how to create an incredible line-up and the 6am finish was sweet.

As for the venue, they actually paid a lot of attention to the visuals which is very much appreciated. However the smoking area was a joke, it’s literally about the size of my nans living room, never queued so long for a smoke. But all in all sick night, sick vibes. Total Recall set was an amazing finish, filthy roller after roller… absolutely nuts mate, loved it.




We’re creating a full map of the underground scene, if you got an event you think can make the list, bang us on your guestlist and we will come and have a skank.