Name: Guerrilla Logic

HQ: Nottingham, UK

Inspiration: Born at Boomtown 2016

Specialities: Originality & Premium Garms

Weakness: Prone to athletes foot

You’ll find us: At the rave, on a wave

Alternatively we can be surprisingly responsive on Instagram

The Guerrilla Logic brand was born out of the Nottingham underground rave scene.

It all started when I was looking for some decent exclusive bootleg tees to wear at Boomtown Festival and couldn’t find anything! All I could find were small selections that were too mainstream or they were low quality and would only last about 1.5 raves. So we set out to make a difference in the scene we love.

Bootleg culture is everything in the underground scene, When was the last time you heard an underground DJ’s set without any stolen/ bootlegged samples…never. We apply an element of bootleg into absolutely everything we do. We also take the guerrilla approach to everything we do.

A Guerrilla has no interest in following mainstream trends. A Guerrilla always operates independently

When wearing Guerrilla Logic at a rave you are representing us so if you intend to stand at the sidelines or not join in the unmatched good vibes of a rave, please return your garment in the pre-paid envelope provided.

One Last thing, absolutely nothing compares to raving into the daylight in the middle of nowhere at an ‘illegal’ free-party. We feel strongly about keeping this scene alive,  so if you do get an invite to one of these.


Always follow these 3 rules

Strictly no Dickheads – safe party people only

Keep all details completely off all social media

Clean up after – Leave no trace

Guerrilla Logic – Made By Ravers for Ravers

Join in, it’s a movement